Blues musician's equipment stolen after Houston show

HOUSTON – Musician and singer Mike Zito has been singing and playing the blues for most of his life, but tonight, he has a really good reason to sing the blues.

Zito is a blues guitarist who lives in the Port Arthur area and tours all over the world.

Thursday night, thieves smashed their way into his SUV while he and the band were asleep. The thieves took a handmade vintage sound amplifier head, an Ampeg bass amplifier, all of the drummer's cymbals, two special effects pedal boards and a versa 380 handgun.

"They broke the passenger window in and climbed in the back and pulled a good portion of all of our gear out," Zito said.

After performing at the Heights Theater, Zito's Chevy Suburban was broken into while it was parked outside the La Quinta off 290 West and 34th Street.

"You know it's a real hassle, man, when you get your good gear stolen and you're trying to get out there and make some music," he said.

VIDEO: Blues musician's equipment stolen

Zito said all of what was taken can be replaced, but he said what happened to his band can happen to anyone these days, so he has this advice: Bring all of your stuff inside. Don't leave it in your vehicle.

"The threat is out there, and it gets harder for musicians. You know, keep your eye on your equipment and ... bring everything you can inside, 'cause it's an easy steal," he said.

Zito also thanked all his fans who offered to help out.

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