VIDEO: Children interrupt dad's serious BBC interview

Expert's children bring levity to serious interview about world affairs


In the most serious moments of life, children can bring levity.

That was the case in a BBC World News interview via webcam when Robert E. Kelly was being interviewed Friday about the impeachment of South Korea's President Park Geun-hey, and his children walked into the room.

As Kelly discussed the situation, his daughter sashayed into the room and walked up behind her dad.

"I think one of your children just walked in," the TV host told Kelly.

Kelly tried to push his daughter away, a smile on his face, not breaking eye contact with the webcam.

Soon after, a baby also enters the room in a walker.

Moments later, a woman slides into the room and tries to gather the children toward the door, knocking over books in the process.

“My apologies,” Kelly said.

In the doorway, the children and the walker get clogged up and the older child starts to scream. They eventually make their way out, and finally, the woman – still keeping a low profile because she doesn’t know she was being seen – grabs the handle and closes the door.

Kelly tweeted prior to the interview:




He hasn’t mentioned the incident on his Twitter account.


Watch how it all happened below:



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