Houston man attacked by crocodile while spearfishing in Mexico

HOUSTON – Jonathan Schoeneman loves to be on the water.

Jonathan Schoeneman loves to be on the water.

He's a Houstonian who has been living in Mexico for the last nine months working as a scuba dive instructor, but spearfishing is his real passion.

That's what he was doing in a Cancun lagoon Thursday when a crocodile attacked him.

Schoeneman's best friend, Travis Simmons, heard him calling for help.

"He had several lacerations to the top of the head, from his lower cheek all the way down to his neck. Broken, fractured jaw," Simmons said.

Schoeneman has been receiving treatment in Mexico.

He's now breathing on his own and doctors say he's doing well.

Schoeneman's brother said their family is hoping to fly him home to Houston by the end of the week so he can be seen by doctors here.

"He's recovering really well. The doctors are saying it's an absolute miracle. We do not know how this happened. We're so thankful and happy he managed to pull through," he said.

You can help the family by donating to their GoFundMe account here.