Donors continue to flood Houston blood centers to aid Orlando victims

HOUTON – Blood banks have a certain amount of blood they need to supply local hospitals with every day. When mass trauma takes priority, like it is doing in Orlando, blood banks have to beg neighbors near and far for help.

Generosity from other blood banks, cities and communities is what helps trauma victims to survive and then hospitals can continue supplying all patients with blood they need to recover.

Immediately after the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub that left 49 people dead and more than 50 people injured, calls went out to the Orlando community to replace blood that was being used.

That call was answered by dozens braving the Florida heat to give.

"People don't care, they don't know their blood type, all they want to do is stand in line and help,” Pat Michaels, Oneblood Spokesperson, said.

During summer months, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center says they usually see a big drop in blood donations.

Monday there was an increase of blood donors by 18 percent. The hope is that this gift of life is a result of Florida’s tragic loss.

Houston’s blood bank said as long as we have enough to supply our local hospitals, we can collect more to help others and with an increase of donors at Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, it looks like Houston has a helping heart.