Houston company sends doctors to patients online, at homes

Click It Clinic makes seeing doctor easier to fit into schedule

HOUSTON – Dr. Latisha Rowe is ready for another busy day at work. Not at the hospital, but on her laptop computer.

Rowe is the creator of Click It Clinic, a company based in Houston. It's part of a revolutionary idea in medicine that sends doctors to visit with their patients in their own homes, at the office or even on the job, via computer.

The goal is to save patients money and, most importantly, save hours and hours of time.

"My patients are busy professionals. They're working, they're busy. They want time with me, but they can't get away from work. They can't just drop their kids off. They need to connect with me on their terms," Rowe said.

Suddenly, telemedicine websites are popping up all over. Sites like Teledoc, MeMd and Click It Clinic give users access to a network of doctors on their time schedules.

Allen Devers works 100 hours a week, so getting to the doctor to manage his ADHD used to be impossible.
But it's not anymore.

"I have severe ADHD and it's very, very obvious and kind of embarrassing when I am symptomatic," Devers said. "It's changed my life by allowing me instant access. It's super-user friendly. I get on, I can see somebody, a friendly face that I know who understands my care, who's there to manage my care instantaneously."

How does Click It Clinic work?

Users log onto the website, fill out a questionnaire on their health history and request an online appointment. In a short time, they'll get an email response to click and start the appointment.

Just like that, a patient's own doctor is in the palm of their hand.

Karen Chatman, a working mom from southwest Houston, has been using Click It Clinic for six months. She said the best part of the program is the power it gives her.

"You're not wondering, 'Okay, when can they get me in, the nurse is not calling me back,'" Chatman said. "'Squeeze me in right here, before my workout and after my work, and I get to see the doctor.'"

Telemedicine isn't meant to replace traditional doctor visits, only supplement them.

The cost for a Click It Clinic appointment is $100. For users with insurance, it's typically the cost of the co-pay. If a virtual doctor says the patient needs to see a doctor in person, they will usually refer the patient to a doctor in the area.

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