Six Flags Fiesta Texas to unveil three new rides Saturday

Fiesta Bay Boardwalk adds new attractions

SAN ANTONIO – Three new adrenaline-filled attractions are coming Saturday at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

This summer will see the opening of the Fireball, Hurricane Force 5 and Spinsanity.

Fireball is the headliner of the trio, with weightless inducing loops rocketing riders back and forth 72 feet in the air. The Fireball features a seven-story loop and is a Texas original.

The Fireball "has great spectator appeal. Not only is the circular structure striking, but watching riders scream through the loop in both directions is hilarious,” Tim Baldwin, of American Coaster Enthusiasts, said.

Hurricane Force 5 features motorcycle-type seats and is designed for riders to face outwards. The first of its kind in Texas, this ride will rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise while spinning at 14 revolutions per minute.

Spinsanity is a “spin” on the classic Tilt-A-Whirl attraction. Riders will spin, twist and roll in the modern adaptation of the original ride.

Additionally, improvements have been made to the Boardwalk area. New amenities include food, games and rehabbed buildings.

“The new Boardwalk will have all the excitement and ambiance of a favorite seaside getaway,” park president Neal Thurman said.

The wooden planks for the Boardwalk have all been refreshed and updated as well. If you placed the planks end-to-end they would stretch from Austin to San Antonio.

Get ready for sensory overload this summer at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

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