Police release Adriana Coronado's cause of death

One by one, family and friends showed up to the Coronado home in tears and screaming.

The news they were hoping not to hear, now had become a reality.

Adriana Coronado, 14, who's been missing for days, was found dead earlier this week.

"It's really hard. I had hope and thought the girl was still alive," said Edgar Gutierrez, a family friend.

The medical examiner's office confirmed a body found in Houston on Wednesday was that of Coronado who was believed to have been kidnapped after her father was murdered. She died of multiple gunshot wounds.



Investigators say a big clue in the case and positive ID of her body, was a bracelet Coronado was wearing.



As the family mourns their loss, investigators are hard at work looking for their killers.

Walker County Sheriff Clint McCrae said, "24 hours a day since the incident occurred."

Ceaser Coronado was found shot to death and burned over the weekend.

His body was dumped in a ditch and his truck found several miles away and also burned.

Authorities hope surveillance video from that scene will provide a break in the case.

A heavyset Hispanic man is seen running away from the victims' truck and is considered a person of interest.

McCrae explained, "We're working in shifts, got a great group of people and have been assisted by other agencies and they've been very helpful in the investigation."

So far, authorities have no motive in either of the killings and no arrests have been made.