Day one of open carry law in Texas

HOUSTON – Texas joined 45 other states on New Year’s Day in allowing people to openly carry handguns.

The law requires guns be kept in belt or shoulder holsters. It law also gives police officers the right to stop a gun owner and ask to see their handgun license.

When it comes to open carry in businesses, it's up to each individual owner whether or not customers will need to conceal their weapons. 

Cezar Palad owns a Dairy Queen franchise in Missouri City. He has decided to ban open carry at his restaurant, saying if a customer walks in with a gun, he’ll ask that customer to conceal it. 

"I think many of the customers I get will be scared," Palad said.

While Dairy Queen headquarters has not come out with a decision on open carry in Texas, other chains like Whataburger and H-E-B have decided to ban open carry.

At Brook’s BBQ Place in Cypress, open carry is welcome.  In fact, owner Trent Brooks is giving customers a discount if they display their guns. 

"I see it as a defense mechanism," Brooks said. "I see it as a deterrent for you being a target."

"I think a lot of times even as a concealed handgun carrier you worry about the fact that your gun could be exposed and this is a way you don’t have to be as concerned about it," said Nile Copeland, who drove to Cypress from Clear Lake to eat lunch at Brook’s.

Businesses that decide to ban open carry will have to post 30.06 or 30.07 signs or ask patrons to take their guns outside.