Unique procedure claims to get rid of varicose veins

HOUSTON – The FDA recently approved a unique method where a needle is injected inside the vein and a glue gun squirts an adhesive in several spots.

It takes minutes and Dr. Srinivas Rao from Texas Vein and Wellness said he can get rid of unsightly veins.

"We have about a 90% closure of these veins with this glue," Rao said.

One the adhesive is injected into the vein, the doctor then applies pressure for three minutes at the first injection and just seconds for each point after that.

"It's very adhesive and it will close the vein instantly," Rao said.

AJ Jamshedji said he's on his feet all day and wants to get rid of the aching caused by his veins.

"Just a slight prick in the beginning but you don't feel nothing now," he said during the procedure.

Rao said enlarged veins are actually signs of vein disease, and can be serious conditions that could lead to blood clots.