Budget-friendly spring-cleaning hacks and tips!

HOUSTON – In case you didn’t know, this week is national cleaning week. So, it’s the perfect time to tidy up your home.

Brooke Rives, a Houston mom and organizational expert with Dwell Well, Inc. shared some of her favorite ways clean more effectively this Spring.

To see all her tips, watch the video above.

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Here’s what she recommends:


-To clean furniture, you can use olive oil and for a scent, add in your favorite natural oil.

- To clean ceiling fans, place a pillowcase around each blade and spray with vinegar inside the blade. This avoids the dust from dropping all over the floor below.

- Use vodka to remove stubborn stains on your carpet.


- Kitchen cleaning should start from top to bottom so the floors are last so you can clean anything that has moved its way down from the upper cabinets to the floor. This saves from having to clean the floor twice.

- Regarding sponges that we use to clean our dishes or wipe the countertops, know that bacteria can survive for at least 2 days and the growth of the bacteria can equal up to the bacteria in a toilet. Your kitchen sponges should be put very other day put in the dishwasher to sanitize. Toss after a few weeks and replace.

-Pull out your flatware and clean out the insert, you’d be amazed at how many crumbs get stuck in there along with grime.


- Clean surface areas naturally with a mix of vinegar and water

- Shaving cream will clean all water stains off of the shower door

- Use Lemonade Kool-Aid overnight to help clean the ring around the toilet.

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- Use alcohol wipes to remove laundry stains. Alcohol cuts through grease and breaks it down easily.

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