Turkey Workout: 6 easy exercises to get you moving before and after Thanksgiving

HOUSTON – If you’re looking for a fun and easy fitness routine for a post-Thanksgiving burn or you just want to wobble before you gobble, we have a perfect exercise you can try at home.

It’s called the turkey workout, and Yolanda Armour, studio leader at Life Time Cypress, stopped by Houston Life to break it down for you.

“This festive workout is an acronym for “Turkey” – so it’s six movements.

Thrusters with dumbbells

Underhand bent over row

Reverse crunches

Kettlebell swings

Elbow planks

Your choice: skaters, high knees, or jumping jacks

“This is a great workout that even kids can do. So, it can be a nice morning of Thanksgiving workout to feel better for the day…or you could do it the day after Thanksgiving to burn off some steam,” said Armour, who shared how you can turn these exercises into a full fitness routine.

“For a full workout, you can do this circuit 2 to 4 times with 1-3 minutes of rest between each circuit. If people are looking for other workouts and movements like these, we encourage them to come to check out any of our Life Time Houston locations,” she said.

For her complete tips, watch the video above.

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