Elementary school students react to watching their teacher on ‘The Voice’

Alexis McLaughlin teaches music at Cannan Elementary school in Willis, TX and last night she appeared on NBC’s The Voice to show her students a powerful life lesson. Houston Life’s Enrique Ramirez caught up with the local musician after her big TV debut.

We’re celebrating a music teacher from Willis who stepped out of her comfort zone and performed on national television.

It was no easy feat.

Alexis McLaughlin appeared on last night’s episode of ‘The Voice’ right here on KPRC 2. Unfortunately, no chairs turned for McLaughlin, however, her students are still beaming with pride.

McLaughlin teaches music at Cannan Elementary in Willis. Houston Life visited with McLaughlin in her classroom the morning after her appearance on the show. “Just to be in the mindset of this is happening... like the whole world is about to see me and what I do. So I had like a mix of emotions, a little bit of crying yesterday, but a little bit of excitement butterflies, you know. So it was cool, though, it was an exciting feeling. Just going around town, and there’s just so much support here. And it’s been just amazing. And really just truly humbling. So it’s been just an awesome experience.”

It’s an experience that her fifth-grade students will also never forget.

“It was really cool that you made it on,” said Cruz.

“I was surprised that nobody turns around,” said Dallas. He added, “She has a great voice.”

Music has always played a big part in McLaughlin’s life, a part that started right at Cannan elementary with guitar classes. Now her musical journey has brought her right back, as its music teacher.

McLaughlin hopes to share with her fifth-grade students and inspire them to live out their dreams and chase their dreams, with everything they have in them.

“So, everything you have, no matter what people tell you, always go for it. 100%. Okay. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do something. Don’t let people put you down. Because I’m going to tell you right now, people did it to me all my life. But you push through and you keep going. I promise you can do more than that. Believe it or not, you can do so much more than what I did. I hope that this is just a little bit of a testimony for you. I hope that you look at this as an opportunity and I hope that you chase every single dream that you have within your heart... just go chase your dreams.”

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