Houston East End coffee roaster on a mission to elevate your cup of joe

She’s the owner of Amanecer Co.

March is International Women’s Month, a perfect time to recognize women occupying spaces in labor-intensive industries, such as coffee roasting. There’s a complex process to getting that characteristic flavor in your morning brew, but a 28-year-old East End entrepreneur found the perfect blend with Amanecer Co.

HOUSTON – Many people who love and enjoy coffee every day don’t know the complex process it takes to get that characteristic taste to your morning cup of joe!

But a young Latinx entrepreneur working out of East End is on a mission to bring out the best flavors possible by roasting ethically sourced coffee right here in Houston and serving the unique blends she makes with it.

Find out why Marlen Mendoza, owner and head roaster of Amanecer Co., is a unique face in the local coffee scene.

“Amanecer is a small-batch coffee roasting company that focuses on sourcing coffees from Central, South America, and Mexico,” said the 28-year-old who got inspired to launch her business after a trip to coffee farms in Honduras.

“Roasting is both an art and a science. I like to do mine purely on a sensory base. So, I just use sight smell, taste, and I try to hear the sounds while coffee is being roasted. Um, so it’s a little more artisanal that way in my opinion,” said Mendoza, who roasts coffee beans, packages ground coffee, and bottles her own coffee blends.

Watch Mendoza’s complete story in the video above.

Mendoza’s ground coffee and coffee beverages can be purchased at Henderson & Kane, or online.

To connect with Mendoza and to see the list of stores she distributes to, click here.

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