Celebrate Earth Day with this organically grown wine

Houston Life Wine Club Poured by H-E-B

HOUSTON – In this week’s Houston Life Wine Club, Poured by H-E-B, we’ve got the perfect choice to go along with Earth Day: Chicken Run Carménère.

The organically grown wine is from one of Chile’s most environmentally sustainable wineries, and to make things even better, it has a show stopping price of just $8.

Chicken Run Carménère is named for the chickens that run through the vineyards as a natural form of pest control. So interesting, right?

Plus, the carménère is a type of grape that has become one of Chile’s signature grapes since it was first imported from France back in the 1800s.

We think you’ll agree it has a smooth taste of cocoa powder and cherries, and its balanced finish means it’s great to drink all year long -- with any type of cuisine and for any occasion, including Earth Day!

H-E-B is featuring organic and sustainably grown wines all month long. Just look for “Earth Month” tags in most H-E-B stores.

Happy sipping from your friends at Houston Life!

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