Sugar Land native Nathan Janak shows off his comedic chops in Nickelodeon’s ‘Drama Club’

He’s hilarious, Y’all

HOUSTON – Local actor Nathan Janak is one of the stars of Nickelodeon’s new comedy series, “Drama Club,” a mockumentary that follows an overlooked drama club finally ready for its moment in the spotlight.

The talented teen actor joined Houston Life to talk about this new hilarious new project.

“It’s a lot of fun, there’s a lot of improv, there’s a lot of special things. It’s very quick and very fast-paced and I have so much fun doing it. We filmed at a real school, so I’m kind of getting that experience right there,” said Janak, who plays Oliver Olivier, the drama club’s star actor who gets a new co-star and is not taking the news very well.

DRAMA CLUB SEASON 1 GALLERY Pictured: Oliver (Nathan Janak) in DRAMA CLUB on Nickelodeon. Photo: JUSTIN STEPHENS/Nickelodeon. © 2021 Viacom International, Inc. All Rights Reserved. (© 2021 VIACOM INTERNATIONAL INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

The series is set in motion when Tookus Middle School Drama Club gets a new student director and the diverse team of young thespians start preparing for an original new musical called “Minnesota.”

Nickelodeon's "Drama Club" (Nickelodeon)

Janak’s career first kicked into gear on Nickelodeon’s “All That” reboot, where he was known for his “Canceled” segment and his incredible Ariana Grande impression.

“I loved the chance of getting to play Ariana Grande. It was so much fun, and I do think is one of my highlights, the best highlight from ‘All That,” said the 15-year-old actor who was also a guest star in Nickelodeon’s “Henry Danger.”

Despite all the success in his career, Janak is taking it all “one step at a time.”

Nathan Janak as Chicken Little (Nathan Janak)

“I first started in Houston in my local theater when I was 5 years old. Chicken Little was my first ever production and it was at an Elementary School Summer Program, and that’s where I got my first start for acting and I loved it,” said Janak, who went to Brazos Bend Elementary School in Sugar Land and moved to Los Angeles at age 11 to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional actor.

To see Janak’s complete interview, watch the video above.

Be sure to catch Janak in “Drama Club,” Saturday nights at 7:30 pm on Nickelodeon.

For a sneak peek of the “Drama Club,” check out the video below.

For all information about the show, click here.

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