Africa on my Back providing color and culture to the community of Houston

Inspiring the community with colorful and bold products made with Kente prints from West Africa

HOUSTON – Celebrating Women’s history with Shannette Price, the owner and founder of Africa On My Back which is a celebration of past, present, and future. Their durable and lightweight Kente-print backpacks provide students and professionals with a stylish, yet functional, connection to African culture and heritage.

These backpacks and other accessories are handmade by artisans in Ghana, West Africa. Selling at artisanal markets has become the second largest source of income in the developing world, and Africa On My Back gives small-scale African producers access to the $1 trillion African-American market.

Africa On My Back was founded in 2016 by Shannette Prince, following her first visit to the continent. Enlisting her two sons, Isaiah and Cameron, as partners, Shannette began Africa On My Back to bring authentic African products to the diaspora and rest of world.

Their social impact mission is to provide study abroad opportunities for Brilliant Black Boys, an initiative that seeks to empower African-American young men through international study abroad opportunities.

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