Celebrating National Coffee Day with some seasonal and spiked coffee drinks

HOUSTON – It’s time to grab those Fall clothes from the back of your closet, get a pot of coffee brewing, and celebrate National Coffee Day!

From regular, to black, to cold, or hot, sweet or frozen, coffee isn’t just for breakfast anymore.

The made up “holiday” is celebrated annually on September 29th, and we’re totally here for it, made up or not. Who doesn’t like an afternoon coffee pick-me-up these days?

The coffee business is a billion-dollar industry, and people have been brewing the stuff for many years.

Here’s a fun fact: 2.5 billion cups of coffee are drank daily all over the world.

THAT’S JUST IN ONE DAY. So much coffee!

Watch as Lauren Kelly and Lionel Villarreal of The Toasted Yolk show us three delicious, seasonal, spiked coffee cocktails to enjoy today.

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