Are you craving Pad Thai? This vegan recipe will satisfy you without the guilt

Pad Thai with a healthy twist!

Stephanie Rich
Stephanie Rich (Verdine)

HOUSTON – Are you looking for a creative and delicious way to sneak in veggies into your family’s diet this quarantine? Or maybe you just want ideas to spice up your cooking game? How about trying vegan pad Thai!

Stephanie Rich, owner and executive chef with Verdine in The Heights, shares the recipe for this noodle dish that many Texans are craving these days, because surprisingly, Pad Thai, is one of the most ordered items in Texas according to Uber Eats.

“The key to a good pad Thai is the sauce. What I’ve done is cleaned it up a little bit with vegetarian fish sauce. Anybody who might have a shellfish or a seafood allergy, you can order pad Thai to-go, and make it at home with that,” said Rich, who explained that the sauce should taste like a mixture of salt, sour and sweet, and heat depending on taste.

Some of the substitutions she used in the recipe include organic rice vinegar, organic coconut nectar, tofu and tomato paste.

If you’re planning on doing this recipe, Rich encourages you to load up on veggies.

“Experiment with your favorite veggie combinations or use whatever you have on hand. Frozen veggies work great here too. With more veggies you add volume, reducing the calories per serving,” said Rich.

If you want to learn how to do this pad Thai at home, watch the video above, or check out the recipe below.

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