Crawfish boil to go: Here’s how one Houston area seafood spot is bringing a crawfish boil party into your backyard

Sip on some drinks and enjoy delicious crawfish while social-distancing

Patriotic Pack by the Rouxpour
Patriotic Pack by the Rouxpour (Rouxpour)

SUGAR LAND, Texas – The name “Rouxpour” is a combination of two words. Roux is the base of all cajun dishes and pour means exactly what it sounds like - to pour. Together, the words create the term rapport, meaning a positive relationship between people.

Just like the name, the Rouxpour restaurant and bar hopes to create relationships through its delicious and award-winning seafood.

In 2010, owner Mack McDonald, a Louisiana-native, opened the first Rouxpour restaurant in Sugar Land.

Through relationships and consumer demand, McDonald and his wife Tan expanded the business across the greater Houston area, opening three locations, including Katy, Baybrook and Memorial City.

Rouxpour is a place to unwind with a glass of wine and enjoy freshly chucked oysters. However, the owners have had to develop a new operation to bring their restaurant into customers’ homes.

Celebrate with the Patriotic Pack

As COVID-19 caused citywide concerns, Rouxpour needed to adapt to these new ordinances. Although customers remained loyal to the restaurants, the owners were looking for new ways to keep business moving and most importantly, continue serving the community.

The McDonalds created the “Patriotic Pack.” Never done before, the McDonalds were excited to create a new food feature that would bring the family closer at home while enjoying good food.

Tan said many customers were texting, calling and reaching out to them on social media, asking if they were serving crawfish. Which also sparked the creation of the family meal.

“We know people are tired of eating the same food,” said Mack. “We were inspired to create something fun for the family, fun to make in this difficult time.”

Patriotic Pack by the Rouxpour
Patriotic Pack by the Rouxpour (Rouxpour)

The Patriotic Pack includes three pounds of crawfish, a dozen shrimp, four pieces of spicy corn and four pieces of gold potatoes. This meal can serve up to four people and is available for $30.

If you want to add some fun to your pack, you can always add additional food add-ons and mixed drinks, including their famous Slurricane and signature margaritas.

For anyone who hasn’t been to the Rouxpour, the restaurant is known for its award-winning oysters. According to Mack, they sell more than 9,000 oysters each week, shucking and cooking the oysters right in front of you.

If you’re not a fan of seafood, don’t worry. The restaurant features a wide variety of options, including chicken, steak and pork ribeyes.

The Patriotic Pack is available every Friday to Sunday from 11 a.m. until crawfish runs out.

To place a to-go order or delivery at one of its locations, you can visit their website here.

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