Score an ‘all you can eat’ breakfast plate to-go for under $7 at Houston’s New Spot Eatery

You can even snag some $2 Mimosas to-go!

New Spot Eatery located in Houston, Texas (KPRC)

HOUSTON – “Creating value is my passion,” said Sean Shah, founder and owner of New Spot Eatery located at 12102 Westheimer Road.

On any given night, you’ll find New Spot Eatery filled with customers hanging out and listening to a live local artists.

New Spot Eatery located in Houston, Texas (KPRC)

However, this once popular hangout spot is now filled with empty chairs and the sounds of phones ringing nonstop for takeout orders. With the rapid spread of COVID-19, the city is no longer allowing Houstonians to dine-in, making this local restaurant change operations.

Founded by manufacture engineer Sean Shah back in November 2018, this restaurant is now adapting to these new changes, but it doesn’t stop Shah from continuing to serve his community at a low price point.

Shah said he wanted to create a place where customers can enjoy an experience with food options at a lower value price.

New Spot Eatery has always offered their $6.99 “All you can eat” breakfast meal but is now adapting to a takeout option. Customers can now choose five breakfast items for that same price. Some of the items include eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausages, and their signature red velvet pancakes and waffles.

However, New Spot Eatery isn’t just known for its low breakfast menu, they also feature unique menu items such as “The Hippie” and “The Bomb.”

If customers want a bit of sweet and savory, “The Hippie” entree offers French toast waffles with spicy wings and two sides.

As for “The Bomb,” the entree includes a cheese-stuffed French toast, served with two eggs and bacon. Shah said the name was inspired by customers’ reactions and saying “wow this looks like the bomb.”

Aside from its delicious breakfast and brunch menu, New Spot Eatery offers lunch, dinner and even Keto dishes. The owner said his entrees are a mix of Spanish, Asian and Indian cuisine.

New Spot Eatery located in Houston, Texas (KPRC)

Although the restaurant is operating differently in the meantime, Shah said he is now working longer hours, but making food helps him release the stress.

For a menu, you can text the restaurant at (832) 808-8119. The restaurant offers delivery or curbside pick-up orders. To place an order give them a call at (346) 773-4126. For more information, you can visit their Instagram page here.