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5 fun things to do for Spring Break even if you can’t leave the house

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HOUSTON – Usually, Spring Break is the time of year where kids have a full week off from school, and parents only need to worry about entertaining them for 7 days.

7 days is tough enough, right?

Well, thanks to the Coronavirus outbreak, not only are parents trying to keep everyone busy for 7 days, some kids will be out of school for much, much longer.

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Under any other circumstances, planning an extended Spring Break vacation, or trying a 14-day camp would be fine to pass the time, but what do you do to keep busy when you aren’t even supposed to leave the house?

It’s Lauren Kelly here, and I’ve got 5 ideas for everyone to try so we don’t go stir-crazy.


Whether it’s paint, markers, crayons, or sidewalk chalk...working on art projects is always a great way to get those creative juices flowing! Or what about introducing the kiddos to scrapbooking? Of course, then you’ll have to explain to them what DEVELOPING HARD COPIES OF PICTURES means, but at least that will kill a bit more time.


Since every grocery store has been completely sold out of almost all their products, I KNOW you’ve got food at home to cook! It’s also a great opportunity to teach your kids the basics on how to to make a few dishes.

Why not try one of those recipes in your Facebook group everyone has been raving about? Trying to get on a new healthy path? Try meal prepping for the week! That way when the kids (or your spouse) get hungry, there’s something ready for them to grab and eat.


The ultimate family fun night definitely includes a round or two of Taboo, maybe Monopoly...or how about Twister? You’re never too old for Hide and Seek!

Board games include everyone, and putting a little bet on the game makes it even better. Maybe the LOSER has to bake cookies for dessert? Or maybe the WINNER gets to pick the movie for the evening. Technically, everybody wins.


Here’s something I’ve always heard a lot about, but haven’t got to try just yet. There are so many objects around the house that are perfect to substitute for weights, like a water jug or even detergent containers. A jog up and down your street for some fresh air will be good for the soul, and I’m sure your dog will love it too.

Need a little extra motivation? There are so many virtual classes online these days, all you’d need to do is choose one. My mom is doing her Weight Watchers meetings virtually, and my sisters kids’ music classes are being offered virtually as well.


When I was younger, my sisters and I LOVED entertaining my parents. We would perform shows, plays, sing-alongs, magic tricks...basically anything that allowed us to put on costumes or play dress up.

Let the kids rummage through their old Halloween costumes, or even better...let them go through mom and dad’s closet. There’s nothing cooler than finding dad’s old letterman jacket, or mom’s puffy-sleeved bridesmaid dresses. Who knows, you may even find an old piece that’s coming back in style.

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