From Katy to Netflix’s hit series ‘Ozark’: Meet actor Evan Vourazeris

He was handpicked by Jason Bateman to play ‘Tuck’ on the Netflix series

HOUSTON – After overcoming bullying, actor Evan Vourazeris landed the role of Tuck on Netflix’s hit series, “Ozark” --an accomplishment that inspired people with different abilities to follow their dreams.

But his talent and positive outlook on life are not the only factors for his success as an actor, Vourazeris also credits the support of his family for his triumphs.

“My father. Me and him would pick a Sunday a weekend to go to the movies. And when I was sitting there with him, I asked my father ‘Hey dad. Do you ever want to see me on the big theatre screen some day?’ He said ‘whatever you want to do. Whatever you want to do with your career, me and mom will support you, we love you.’ And my dad would always encourage me, the same with my mom,” said Vourazeris, who fell in love with acting in 2010 after being part of a college film project with a friend.

Vourazeris has enjoyed being part of Ozark and was invited to last year’s SAG Award when the series was nominated for Best Ensemble Drama.

At the red carpet, three girls kept screaming his character’s name “Tuck.”

Evan Vourazeris
Evan Vourazeris (Facebook)

“It felt great. It was amazing to be able to hear that,” said Vourazeris.

Evan Vourazeris
Evan Vourazeris (Facebook)

But the Katy native has found a new outlet to uplift others as an advocate against bullying.

“Nobody should bully me, nobody should bully anyone because in the U.S. people need to be nice, be kind, be generous. Don’t fight, don’t hate each other because that’s not good,” said Vourazeris, who now speaks at many events throughout Texas to inspire others and help kids prevent and overcome bullying.

Evan Vourazeris
Evan Vourazeris (Facebook)

Vourazeris will be part of the Food is Medicine for the Body event on Sunday, March 22 in The Woodlands.

To see Vourazeris’s complete interview, watch the video above.

And to see some of Vourazeris in Ozark, see the link below.

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