2 amazing cocktail recipes for your New Year’s Eve bash

Sip me baby one more time!!!

HOUSTON – If you’re looking for a way to set your mood for your New year’s party, cocktails might do the trick.

Richard Bailey, mixologist with Johnny’s Gold Brick in The Heights, shows 2 easy delicious libations to ring in 2020 and shares his tips to host a party effortlessly.

According to Bailey, these are the four things to keep in mind when hosting a New Year’s Eve celebration that includes drinks.

1. Keep it simple – use ingredients in your wheelhouse.

2. You can do variations on a cocktail you like and switch in and out liqueurs to make it your own.

3. Pre-batch whenever possible, so you’re entertaining guests and not working in the kitchen.

4. People at parties like to mix and match themselves, so do a station, add straws and let them garnish their drinks how they choose.

Bailey shared the cocktail recipes below.

Holiday cocktails
Holiday cocktails (KPRC)



• 1.5 parts vodka

• 1 parts St-Germain elderflower liqueur

• 0.75 part freshly squeezed lime juice

• 2 parts soda water


Build all ingredients apart from soda water in a Boston glass. Top with cubed ice and shake. Fine strain into a chilled flute. Top with chilled soda water.




• 1 ounce dark rum

• 0.5 ounce rye whiskey

• 0.25 ounce apricot syrup

• 0.25 ounce Chareau Aloe liqueur

• 1 ounce cold brew cordial

• 0.75 ounce lemon juice

• 0.5 ounce cream


Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake without ice to emulsify egg with other ingredients. Add ice to the shaker and shake until properly diluted. Double Strain over ice into a Collins glass. Garnish with coffee beans.

Recipes provided by Richard Bailey.