4 ways Houstonians can update a bathroom on a budget

Easy upgrades for your potty break

HOUSTON – Whether it is to make it modern, cleaner or more organized, the bathroom is a place that can always use an update.

“You spend time there, you might as well enjoy it,” said home improvement and lifestyle expert Kathryn Emery, who stopped by our studio with great four efficient upgrades you can easily do to revamp that important part of your house and won’t break the bank.


Update your existing toilet seat to a bidet toilet seat.

A nonelectric bidet seat allows you stay fresh and clean.

“Number one, (it) is more hygienic; you are cleaning with water versus paper in your hand. Number two, it’s better for the environment and think about all these pounds of toilet paper going into the ocean,” said Emery, who says there are battery-operated options available on the market such as Bio Bidet, which you can install yourself.

“You don’t need a plumber, you don’t need an electrician, and it’s all battery-powered. For under $100 dollars you can have a luxurious bidet seat,” said Emery about the Slim Zero model, which comes with a built-in night light and slow close lid for easy use during the evening.


Change out hardware for a new look

It’s easier than ever, from the towel rack, knobs on the cabinets and drawers to the toilet paper holders.

“All you have to do is literally just screw on, take off the existing and screw it on and then you have a whole new look and feel. And if you change all these things out, you would really enhance the look,” said Emery, who brought a European style toilet paper holder with a shelf on top for a cellphone that’s easy to change.


“That’s the first thing I do when I move into a house, I change all the toilet paper holders,” she said.


Organize items under your cabinets

Maximize storage space with a turntable lazy Susan.

“You can get to exactly what you need, exactly what you want and be organized under the sink,” said Emery, who pointed out that items are easy to see and reach with this product.


Add a touch of luxury with a touchless soap dispenser.

The new ones have infrared so you can easily use it.

“You just need batteries for it,” Emery said.

To see her complete interview, watch the video above.