5 things you should try at Altitude H20, the largest inflatable obstacle course in Texas

Altitude H20 is the largest inflatable obstacle course in Texas

HOUSTON – Houston is warming up, and what better way to cool off than visiting Texas' largest floating waterpark? 

Altitude H20 is now open for it's second year in a row in Rosharon, just outside of Houston. 

Here are five obstacles to expect when you arrive: 


The Hurdle: Run fast! It's easy to lose your footing on the hurdle. Our reporter Lauren Kelly wiped out on this one.  


The Trampoline: Altitude H20 is the aquatic version of Altitude Trampoline Park, so naturally they had to have a trampoline for you to bounce on the water. 


Monkey Bars: The playground classic. No need to worry about skinned knees with the water breaking your fall. 


The Curve: Don't slip or you'll fall in, you need to run fast to get around this inflatable curve. 


  The Slide: You can climb up with the handles or rope to get to the top, then slide away! 

If you go

Costs: $20 for a 45 minute session, and $30 for a 90 minute session. 
Waivers: You'll need to sign a waiver, be given life jackets, and listen to a safety briefing.
Ages: Children under 6 are not allowed.  
Reservations: You can make reservations and sign a waiver online here.