St Patrick's Day projects for kids

Simple crafts to entertain the little ones during spring break.

HOUSTON – It always happens. As soon as the kids are off school during spring break week, they say they are bored. But if you are looking for ways keep them entertained, there are easy and affordable St Patrick Day’s projects to keep them busy.

Piper Nitchman, mommy blogger and contributor to Houston Moms Blogs, stopped by our studio with crafts and fun foods.

Green food coloring and sprinkles are essential for a fun St. Patrick's Day. You can use the coloring to turn the milk in Lucky Charms green. It also works on yogurt or juice for an Irish breakfast.

For crafts, finger washable nontoxic paint is a must, and green marbles and wine corks will be the kid’s brush.

“Kids love that because it makes noise, but sometimes you want to put that in an area it can be easily clean up the floor because those marbles really do have a mind of their own as excitement built,” said Nitchman, who recommends saving wine corks for a shamrock stamping craft.

“It is really easy to do. You can even make cards for your family, too,” she said.

To see the complete interview, watch the video above.


Shamrock Marble Painting

Supplies Needed:
•    Pie pan
•    Shamrock drawn on white paper and taped to inside of pan
•    3-4 glass marbles
•    Green finger paint


Kids will dip the marbles in paint, place them in the pie pan, and roll them around to paint the shamrock.


Shamrock stamping

Supplies Needed:
•    3 wine corks taped together in shamrock shape
•    Green finger paint
•    Paper


Kids will hold the wine corks taped together, dip them in the green paint, and then stamp them on the paper.


Magic Shrinking Leprechaun Hats

Supplies Needed:
•    Small Styrofoam cups with lip around the lid
•    Markers to decorate
•    A cookie sheet
•    An oven


1.    Have kids decorate their Styrofoam cups
2.    Heat oven to 250 degrees
3.    Place cups on cookie sheet, place them in oven for about 4 minutes
4.    Once the lid's lip flattens into brim, they are done

Shamrock Root Beer Floats

Supplies needed:
•    Root beer
•    Green food coloring
•    Mint chocolate chip ice cream
•    Green sprinkles (optional)


1.    Pour cold root beer into cup/glass
2.    Add green food coloring
3.    Put in scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Add green sprinkles ( optional)

Projects provided by: Piper Nitchman.