DIY party backdrop

Great hack for wall decoration or a photo station at your next party.

HOUSTON – Whether it is for a photo station or part of a wall decoration, fun and festive party backdrops are in high demand for all kind of celebrations, from birthdays and baby showers to bachelorette parties.

But if you are low on funds and time, Basia Gurtowski, co-owner of the online party shop Revelry Goods, shared with us how to make one out of streamers.

“You can do it on a wall or in a backdrop, with fringe curtain that you can get anywhere, Amazon or your local party shop,” said Gurtowski, who recommends measuring the space before you start your project.

“You want to measure the space--because the curtains come in 3-foot wide to see how many panels you are going to need,” she said.

To see the easy process, watch the video above.