Getting a taste of Nobu Houston with Robert De Niro and Chef Nobu himself

Robert De Niro stopped by Houston for a traditional Sake Ceremony

HOUSTONNobu is known as one of the best Japanese restaurants around the world. 

With locations in Beijing, Budapest, Mexico City and Dubai, you can find Nobu everywhere --- and now Houston gets to taste what it's all about.

Actor and Hollywood legend Robert De Niro is co-owner of Nobu along with Chef Nobu himself. 

They were both in Houston for a traditional Sake Ceremony to wish their Houston spot the best of luck, and Stephanie Gonzalez got an exclusive interview.

"Over the years Nobu and I have become close and I have gotten more and more respect for him and for what he's doing.. it's a big undertaking," De Niro said. 

Chef Nobu grew up in Japan and never imagined he would do something this big.

"One day I met Bob and he gave me the offer to open a spot in New York. I'm lucky that he's my partner and friend," Chef Nobu said. 

Nobu's Executive Chef, Carl Murray, also stopped by the studio to bring us a few of Nobu's signature dishes.

To reserve a spot just visit NobuRestaurants.com.