Fort Bend leads Texas in vaccination efforts according to state data, county says

Fort Bend is leading in vaccination numbers in Texas, according to new records
Fort Bend is leading in vaccination numbers in Texas, according to new records

Fort Bend County – Out of all of the counties in the state of Texas, Fort Bend County leads in vaccinations per capita, according to the county judge.

Fort Bend County Judge KP George said the milestone is all thanks to joint efforts, most of which they plan to continue until the need is gone.

“Fully vaccinated residents numbers are at 51.54%, whereas the state total is 40.25%,” said George.

With the help of community partners, George says between major vaccine sites set up throughout the area, and outreach services like a mobile vaccination unit and at-home vaccination calls, they’ve become a leading force in local immunizations against the coronavirus.

“I think it’s definitely something that we should be very proud of,” George said.

As of Monday, 66% of Fort Bend residents 16 and older got at least one shot, and 53% of 16 and older residents are fully vaccinated.

George said 91% of the 65 and older population has at least one shot, and 80% of the 65 and older population are fully vaccinated.

The impact is already being reflected in the local economy.

Treasure Hunters Gallery owner Marlene Dame said she had to close down the Richmond boutique for two months because of the pandemic, but now things are starting to pick back up.

“I have seen in recent days a greater number of people coming through the door,” Dame said. “I definitely hear it repeatedly daily from my customers that, ‘I’m so ready to get back to normal. I’m ready to go out to travel and have someplace to wear these fun clothes.’”

One of those customers is Melanie Villarreal who lost her father-in-law to COVID-19.

“Having lost someone to COVID and knowing that they would want you to get vaccinated so you can live your life and be happy, that’s what ultimately made me do it and I’m comfortable that where we’re at that people are vaccinated,” Villareal said.

If you need to be vaccinated, or if you’re aware of others who need to, visit or call 281-633-7795.

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