Can I go to a vaccine hub in another county to get the coronavirus shot?

Searching for vaccine: Struggle to get appointments
Searching for vaccine: Struggle to get appointments

HOUSTON – KPRC 2 has received a large amount of email, social media comments and phone calls regarding confusion over the state’s newly unveiled hub system for vaccine distribution, and one question keeps coming up: Can I make an appointment to visit a hub that is not located in the same county where I live?

The short answer is yes.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Monday that there are no geographic restrictions on which hubs Texas residents can visit. So residents of Galveston County, Montgomery, County, Fort Bend County, etc., can make appointments at any one of the three hubs operating in Harris County.

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The more likely problem people will encounter is actually scheduling an appointment.

“It took 3 hours,” Mac McClendon, director of the Office of Public Health Preparedness at Harris County Public Health, said Tuesday. “We opened it up, and the 8,000 vaccines were gone that quickly.”

McClendon said he isn’t sure, but he hopes that Harris County Public Health will be able to secure another shipment of another 8,000 doses to be administered next week. He said he is forced to wait on word from Austin, as the state controls distribution of the vaccine.