A beginner’s guide to In-N-Out Burger

How to order from the famous menu

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HOUSTON – This is the year of In-N-Out Burger for the Houston area.

We are getting our first two restaurants on the same day. The Stafford and Katy locations both open Friday.

The Stafford In-N-Out is on the former Texas Instruments campus which is now known as “The Grid.”

The Katy In-N-Out is on the northeast corner of Katy Fort Bend Road and the I-10 frontage just outside of 99.

If you're planning to eat at the famous fast-food chain, you might want to brush up on the lingo first.

Here’s our beginner’s guide to In-N-Out.

The basics

This restaurant only serves hamburgers, cheeseburgers, fries and shakes. You won’t find any chicken sandwiches, nuggets or salads here.

Next level beefing

  • Double-Double = 2 patties, 2 cheese.
  • 3x3 = 3 patties, 3 cheese.
  • 4x4 = 4 patties, 4 cheese.

That secret sauce

Well, it’s a secret, but the internet describes it as a Thousand Island-style dressing or a spread made up of a mixture of ketchup, mayonnaise and sweet pickle relish.

The secret lingo

Animal Style: Can apply to your burger or your fries.

  • Animal style burger = mustard-grilled patties, the secret spread, extra pickles, grilled onions.
  • Animal style fries = the secret spread, cheese, grilled onions.

Flying solo

  • Flying Dutchman = No lettuce. No onions. No bun! Just two patties and two slices of cheese.

The lighter side

  • Protein Style = Wrap your burger in lettuce. Ditch the bun.

The shakes

There’s strawberry. There’s chocolate. There’s vanilla. But if you’re feeling adventurous, order all three flavors in one cup. It’s called the Neapolitan.

The alternative

Overwhelmed by the secret language? There’s always Whataburger!