Guess who: KPRC 2 anchors, reporters share favorite Halloween costumes EVER

KPRC 2 Sports reporters Ari Alexander and Vanessa Richardson (left to right) and anchor Kris Gutierrez. (KPRC)

HOUSTON – At KPRC 2, we are getting into the spirit of Halloween for the month of October, including our TV reporters and anchors.

Some of our anchors and reporters shared some throwback pictures of their favorite costumes of all time, from Supergirl, to Freddy Mercury, to a pumpkin.

These are the reporters and anchors' favorite costumes. Can you tell who they are?

Who is this cowboy?

Evening anchor Kris Gutierrez as a cowboy! (Kris Gutierrez)

It’s evening anchor Kris Gutierrez!

“I’ve always been a boot guy,” he said. “'The Lone Ranger' was a big hit in the early ’80s.”

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Who is this?

Lauren Freeman (Lauren Freeman)

It’s afternoon anchor Lauren Freeman!

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What about this CUTE little pumpkin?

Morning reporter Vincent Crivelli (Vincent Crivelli)

It’s none other than morning reporter Vincent Crivelli!

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How about this adorable Supergirl?

Christine Noel - Supergirl (Christine Noel)

It’s midday/4 p.m. anchor Christine Noel!

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Who’s dressed up as Larry the Cable Guy in this picture?

Vanessa Richardson as Larry the Cable Guy (Vanessa Richardson)

It’s sports reporter Vanessa Richardson!

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How about this cute little gypsy?

Taisha Walker - Gypsy (Taisha Walker)

It’s reporter Taisha Walker!

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Here’s a 2-fer. A cute vampire and a mummy. Who’s “sporting” both?

Sports Reporter Ari Alexander (Ari Alexander)
Ari Alexander as the mummy (Ari Alexander)

Of course, sports reporter Ari Alexander! He says he takes Halloween SERIOUSLY.

Take a look at his past costumes below!

Ari Alexander as Freddy Mercury (Ari Alexander)
Ari Alexander as 300 Sparta (Ari Alexander)
Ari Alexander as Ivan Drago, from Rocky IV (Ari Alexander)
Ari Alexander as Drake's hit single "Hotline Bling" (Ari Alexander)
Ari Alexander as "The Great 'Cat'-sby" (Ari Alexander)

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Here’s a group picture. We will focus on the “Batman” on your left. Who is he?

Frank Billingsley as Batman (Frank Billingsley as Batman)

It’s gotta be our chief meteorologist Frank Billingsley!

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This beautiful family is dressed up as a beloved children’s storybook!

KPRC 2 Meteorologist Britta Merwin as The Cat in the Hat, with her two children as "Thing 1" and "Thing 2"! (Britta Merwin)

It’s meteorologist Britta Merwin as “The Cat in the Hat” and her kids as Thing 1 and Thing 2!

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Here’s another one: This costume is creative and it talks about a certain historic event in 2008.

Amy Davis as T.A.R.P. (Amy Davis)

It’s none other than consumer expert Amy Davis!

According to Davis, the costume she created is called a “T.A.R.P.,” which stands for “Troubled Asset Relief Program”, that allowed the government to pump money into failing banks and other businesses.

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Who’s dressed as Spider Woman on the right?

Dominique Sachse as Spider Woman (Dominique Sachse)

It’s evening anchor Dominique Sachse!

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