Amanda Kloots Says Husband Nick Cordero Was 'More Alert' During Father's Day Hospital Visit

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Father's Day proved to be a special time for Nick Cordero, amid his ongoing health struggles. The actor's wife, Amanda Kloots, took to her Instagram stories to share a hopeful health update with fans.

"I'm leaving my visit with Nick and he was having such a great day, actually," Kloots said in a video she recorded while sitting in her car outside the hospital. "He was more alert than I've seen him in a little while."

Kloots said Cordero was "really following [with] his eyes a lot," which is how the actor has been communicating since coming out his medically induced coma. He currently cannot speak, both due to being on a ventilator and being physically weakened by his months-long stay in the ICU.

Kloots also opened up about how she's been trying to keep up his fighting spirit by singing the Crosby, Stills & Nash song "Our House," and holding his hand while saying "a big prayer."

"I just tell him that we will live in our house one day and just keep fighting," Kloots shared.

Kloots also commemorated Father's Day with a touching snapshot showing Cordero carrying their baby boy, Elvis, home from the hospital after he was born. Elvis celebrated his first birthday earlier this month.

"That first proud dad moment... taking your baby home from the hospital! I love this photo of Nick. He is so happy and so excited to be going home with his son!" Kloots captioned the pic. "Since Nick has been sick my brother and my father, who are both incredible fathers, have really helped to fill that void for Elvis."

"I do love seeing Elvis get so close to his uncle and grandpa. It is a silver lining in all of this that we are all together and will celebrate Fathers Day for Nick with everyone," Kloots added.