One kitchen gadget, dozens of recipes: Does it hold up to its claims?

HOUSTON – One kitchen gadget. Dozens of dining options. For $19.99, the Gotham Grill Sandwich Maker claims you can make dozens of recipes in minutes, with little to no cleanup afterward.

“I'm all about that,” said Houston-area resident, Wanda Schaudel, “The simpler, the better.”

Schaudel thought the device might even get her 15-year-old son in the kitchen.

“Anything that will also make life easier for him to also cook and eat and enjoy the food, then I'm also for that as well,” she said.

Here is how the Gotham Grill Sandwich Maker fared:

Claim: “You'll never need butter or eggs again because nothing sticks.”

The Test: We brought the ingredients to make three recipes from the Gotham Grill commercial: Ham and cheese omelets, pepperoni pizza pockets and chocolate lava cake.

Results: Each dish took five minutes or less once on the grill. The cleanup was simple. We just wiped the grill with a damp towel after each use. The most difficult part was not overfilling the grill. The small copper plates don't fit much food. When it's cooked, the filling or stuffing is only at the very center of your creation.

Verdict: Schaudel gave the product a thumbs up. But she said the portions may be too small, “I don't think for an adult, I wouldn't make this for myself. It's not enough food. I mean, it's quick and easy, but it's also very small portions.”

The other thing the product did not do was give Schaudel a perfect diagonal cut in the pizza pockets. Schaudel still had to use a knife to cut them apart.