As seen on TV: Consumer expert Amy Davis tests the Bionic Steel Hose

HOUSTON – Ordinary garden hoses are heavy and clunky, and they're difficult to use when they bend and kink.

The Bionic Steel Hose claims to be the most durable hose ever made that won't tear, bend or break.

"Run over an ordinary hose and this happens," says the announcer in the Bionic Steel commercial, showing a hose that springs a leak when it is run over by a car. "But the Bionic Steel hose is so tough, it still keeps working."

KPRC2 Joel Eisenbaum was skeptical of the product, saying it was trying to "solve a problem that doesn't exist."

When asked what he meant, Eisenbaum said, "Hoses aren't damaged when you run over them"

To test that theory and the commercial, Davis and Eisenbaum ran over a regular garden variety water hose.

It stopped working for the half second the wheels were on top of it, but it did not spring a leak.

When Davis ran over the lightweight Bionic Steel hose, the water never stopped even with her nearly 6,000-pound van resting on top of the steel hose.

The stunt did flatten the hose somewhat, but it did not impede the flow of water.

"It looks like it's already damaged, Amy," Eisenbaum said. "See how it's flattened? That's gonna restrict our water flow."

Davis tied the hose in pretzel knots, and it still worked.

"Ordinary hose fittings are easily crushed," claims the commercial. "But the Bionic Steel hose fittings remain solid no matter the pressure."

When Davis ran over just the Bionic Steel hose fitting, it did bend.

"I'm not gonna be able to hook anything on to that because it is no longer a circle. It's an oval," Davis explained.

Even after all that, the Bionic Steel Hose still worked; and you can’t kink it. Davis paid $19.99 at Fry’s Electronics, and she gives it a thumbs up.