As Seen on TV Tuesday: Will 'Shower Wow' wow you?

If your kids need some coaxing to get clean, you may have seen "Shower Wow" on store shelves.  It promises your children will have a ball in the bathroom by transforming your shower into an exciting, colorful experience. Consumer expert Amy Davis had her own team of testers, aka her kids, try it out at home.

Shower Wow is essentially a shower head that lights up and glows when you turn on the water.

"Simply remove your shower now head and replace it with our high quality "Shower Wow" head; and you're done!" says the announcer. 

But it's not that easy. The commercial makes installation look very easy. Davis couldn't simply unscrew her shower head, as shown in the commercial. Instead, she needed a wrench. But once it was up and the lights were off, the party was on!

5-year-old Jack said he liked it. Neither he nor 2-year-old Piper wanted to get out of the shower; and they asked for more "colorful water" when mom turned off the water.

The Shower wow doesn't require electricity or batteries. The manufacturer says the water powers the fun.

We bought Shower Wow at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $14.99.