Uber user charged $500 for 30-mile ride after attending Rodeo

Uber spokesperson: Fares, surge-pricing explained on app

HOUSTON – A Houston-area woman is outraged after she said the popular car service Uber over-charged her for a ride.

Patricia Clark said she and her friends decided to use uber to get to the Houston Rodeo BBQ Cook-Off on Friday.

According to Clark, the service charged them about $60 for the ride to the event but more than $500 for the ride back to Humble.

"Nobody in their right mind would step into a car knowing that it was going to cost them $500 to go 30 miles," said Clark.

Clark said she filed a complaint with Uber and a representative emailed her saying in part, "Due to high demand for rides, our fares were increased to ensure we had rides available for those who needed them."

Channel 2 contacted an Uber representative, who said Clark was also charged more for her ride back to Humble because she chose to ride in a more expensive car.

The representative said their fares and surge-pricing are explained to users on the app.