Stay overnight at the haunted Magnolia Hotel in Seguin -- if you dare

SEGUIN, Texas – The 1850 Magnolia Hotel will begin taking overnight stay reservations in August, according to its website

The hotel has a deep history in Seguin, from being one of the most beautiful and respected structures in the area, to decrepit and crime-ridden. A massive renovation by its current owners, Jim and Erin Ghedi, brought the building back to life. 

The history

The structure was initially built in 1840 and has served as many things since its creation. In 1990, the building became vacant and was eventually placed on the Texas Most Endangered Places List for 20 years. In 2013, the Ghedi's began construction to restore the building but ran into some... issues, according to the hotel's website.

During construction, the building "exploded" with paranormal activity, causing contractors leaving the worksite, halting the renovation.  

"The owners refused to allow the spirits to stop their progress and have grown to co-exist with the numerous spirits that still reside within the building's walls. With the assistance of a well-known Texas psychic, and the owner's ability to communicate with the spirits along with her knowledge of history research, 13 spirits have been identified," its site reads.

The overnight stay

Accomodations will include a two-bedroom suite with a king and a queen-size bed, living room, non-cooking kitchen and a full bath with a walk-in shower, its site read. Only four guests will be able to stay at a time and rooms are available Monday through Thursday. 

Reservations can be made on its website and it will also be a first-come, first-serve basis.