More rain headed to the Houston area this week

Photo from TheJulius on Click2pins 9/14/2021
Photo from TheJulius on Click2pins 9/14/2021

Heavy rain is possible into tomorrow and Thursday, but some rain is in the forecast all the way into the weekend.

How Much Rain?

Right now, 3-4″ of rain over the Tuesday to Thursday time period seems reasonable, although around here we can get those heavy downpours in just an hour producing quick flash floods. The European maxes us out at nearly 4″ through Saturday night:

A wet work week overall

The American model is not too much higher with 2-3″ fairly common and isolated amounts of 4″. Here is that model through Saturday night:

Some pockets of heavy rain likely this week

When do we get a break? Likely we’ll see lesser rain chances by the weekend and the front may limp through a week from now. But tomorrow through Thursday keep an eye to the sky (and our free weather app!). Umbrellas will definitely be your friend.


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