After Astros win, New York brewery will have to serve Crawford Bock

HOUSTON – Yankee fans will be drinking a little Crawford Bock soon.

Houston's Karbach Brewing and New York's Blue Point Brewing placed a wager on their respective teams in the ALCS.

If the Astros were to take the ALCS, Karbach's Astros-branded Crawford Bock would be brewed and served at Blue Point in New York. If the Yankees were to take the pennant, then the Karbach team would brew and serve the Yankees-branded Pinstripe Pilsner at their Houston brewery. 

After Saturday night's win, the Yankees of course will have to serve Crawford Bock.

This was more than just a friendly wager. Back in 2017, the Astros beat the Yankees in the ALCS, and went on to win their first-ever world series. In 2015, the Astros beat the Yankees for the wild card. 


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