These 3 things make all the difference for veterans returning to civilian life

A Navy military member returns home.
A Navy military member returns home. (Kim Heimbuch from Pixabay.)

When a member of our armed forces moves to a new station, the U.S. military is available to assist that person in his or her transition. But what happens when veterans return to civilian life?

Unless they have a strong support system in place through family or friends, it can be a very difficult adjustment as they attempt to start a new career.

Here are three things that can help a veteran acclimate to civilian life.

1. Support

Anyone can help with this one. Take some time to spend with a veteran, and really listen to what they have to say.

Veterans can experience isolation, which can result in a negative effect on their mental and physical health.

2. Access to work

It can be a process for a veteran to get acclimated back to civilian life. If you know someone who is struggling to find work, share this: They have access to free programs that are specifically structured for them.