These 3 things make all the difference for veterans returning to civilian life

A Navy military member returns home. (Kim Heimbuch from Pixabay.)

When a member of our armed forces moves to a new station, the U.S. military is available to assist that person in his or her transition. But what happens when veterans return to civilian life?

Unless they have a strong support system in place through family or friends, it can be a very difficult adjustment as they attempt to start a new career.

Here are three things that can help a veteran acclimate to civilian life.

1. Support

Anyone can help with this one. Take some time to spend with a veteran, and really listen to what they have to say.

Veterans can experience isolation, which can result in a negative effect on their mental and physical health.

2. Access to work

It can be a process for a veteran to get acclimated back to civilian life. If you know someone who is struggling to find work, share this: They have access to free programs that are specifically structured for them.

The Goodwill Houston’s Veterans Employment and Training Services program provides free resume preparation, job training and interview skills. Certification programs in fast-growing industries such as IT and apartment maintenance are also free to Houston-area veterans.

A man works at a table. (Austin Distel)

The program also hosts job fairs for program graduates, most of whom are hired after graduation.

3. Access to other life necessities

Not only does the Goodwill Houston VETS program offer employment and training, it provides referrals for wrap-around services such as housing, childcare and financial resources.

Goodwill Houston serves all veterans, regardless of their discharge status, time in service or disability.

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