Discarded fishing line causing problems for Texas wildlife

Most fishing line can be recycled. Look for outdoor recycling containers near fishing spots or at tackle shops. If you're unable to locate a recycler near you, contact Texas Sea Grant. (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department)

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department wants to make aware the dangers of discarded fishing line to wildlife.

On Facebook, TPWD officials shared multiple photos of animals that were tangled up in discarded lines.

“Fishing line left out in the wild can be unsightly and dangerous to humans, boats and especially wildlife, by causing entanglement and ingestion leading to injury or death,” TPWD Aquatic Education Training Specialist Adam Comer told KPRC 2′s sister-station KSAT.

TPWD officials say it takes 600 years for fishing line to disintegrate, however; most are recyclable.

“Modern fishing line includes a number of types, but the most popular – monofilament and fluorocarbon can be recycled into new products,” Comer told KSAT.

According to TPWD’s Facebook post, outdoor recycling containers are often near fishing spots or at tackle shops.

If a recycler is unable to be located nearby, fishers should contact Texas Sea Grant.

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