United and other US airlines get more serious on face mask requirements

US airline passengers who figured face mask enforcements had more bark than bite could end up getting bit this week.

Major US airlines in Airlines for America, the carriers' industry group, announced Monday that they intended to more strictly enforce mask wearing aboard their planes, including potentially banning passengers who refuse to wear a mask.

The announcement comes in lieu of a federal regulation requiring all passengers to wear masks -- the sort of enforceable measure that governs requirements to wear seatbelts and not smoke.

What United is doing

United Airlines came out Monday with its own separate announcement that has more teeth than what it's been doing so far. If you refuse to wear a face mask starting June 18, you could find yourself on a restricted travel list.

Here's how United laid out the process for at least the next 60 days for people who eschew a mask:

First, flight attendants will inform you of the mandatory mask requirements if you're not wearing a face covering, and you do not fall within a small group of exceptions.

If you don't have a face covering, United flight attendants will offer you one.