University of St. Thomas and Houston Food Bank team up for mobile food drive

HOUSTON – Rising inflation costs across the country have resulted in more families needing help from food banks.

On Saturday, the University of St. Thomas and the Houston Food Bank partnered to fight food insecurity in Houston.

Hundreds of families waited to receive food items, canned goods, and fresh fruit.

“We are so grateful because we really needed it for our families, so we are really grateful that the university is doing this for us,” one family said.

Sylvia Garza waited in line for three hours and said the food was something her family needed.

“You know, right now it’s expensive everything in the stores and I don’t make a lot of money. I have a big family and I need the food,” Garza said.

The current inflation rate is 8.26% and many families are struggling to keep food on the table as costs continue to rise.

Over 200 families received a food package and student volunteers spent the morning assembling the mobile food drive.

“We have families from all different backgrounds today and this is not my first time volunteering. I can see in their eyes how sometimes a box of food makes a difference so I can say it’s really tough for them. Sometimes we have kids, and you can actually see in their eyes like how grateful they are just to have one box and that makes an impact on us too,” student Tchissola said.

Within one hour, the food sold out and Eyeka Davis received the last box.

“It means that we have extra’s to put in the box and the inflation I’m speechless right now,” she said.

School leaders say they will have another food drive next month.

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