‘I went looking for her’: Husband of prominent Galveston doctor shares his final moments with wife

2 people have been arrested in connection to the doctor's death

GALVESTON – The death of prominent Galveston Dr. Nancy Hughes reverberates across the island as court documents reveal what led to the arrest of a teenager, Cianna Mims, and her boyfriend, Logan Llewellyn.

Overcome with emotion, Michael Hughes, Nancy’s husband, spoke with KPRC 2′s Rilwan Balogun. Hughes recounts the 46 years of marriage with Nancy.

“My wife and I had been riding that same bicycle route for the last 10 years,” Michael said. “We’ve been doing it every weekday. It’s part of our life.”

It’s an activity he will no longer share with his bride.

“It’s been hard. It’s been hard,” he said.

Over the weekend, police arrested 18-year-old Mims for failure to report in connection to Hughes’ death. She has since bonded out.

KPRC 2′s Rilwan Balogun visited Mims’ family home, in which the teen’s parents said they would not speak on the matter further than a statement they released.

Court documents released in the case show Mims’ parents, Delve and Teri, spoke with a Galveston detective about their daughter’s silver 2015 Mercedes. The couple said they saw their daughter’s vehicle the night prior to the hit-and-run and it was not damaged, and then the day after. The mother said the next day – after her daughter and boyfriend Logan Llewellyn returned from Galveston – the vehicle had front-end damage, including a broken windshield, headlight lens, and damage to the front driver’s side body of the vehicle.

Mims’ parents said their daughter told them that she was sleeping in the back of the car when Llewellyn hit a deer and damaged the vehicle, documents show. Teri Mims, documents show, told police that the car didn’t have blood or hair on it that would indicate they had hit a deer. Mims’ mother also provided photos of the car before and after the damage.

On March 18th, Michael and Nancy were riding their bikes down the same route.

Court records show, Michael told investigators, “Nancy normally rides to the end of Seawall Blvd then turns around and returns home.” He also allegedly said it was not uncommon for them to be separated from their ride, as Nancy rides much faster than him.

Records show investigators have surveillance video showing Nancy passing Homewood Suites around 6:11 a.m. on March 18, riding east. Two minutes later, Michael is seen in the same video passing the same Homewood Suites. According to the documents, “In the said video, a single bicyclist was seen traveling west on Seawall past the hotel at 6:18.”

Someone else is seen riding their bike around 6:20, according to documents. The person told investigators, “Nancy Hughes and her bicycle were not laying on the ground when traveling east. He stated he only saw her after he turned around and was traveling back west.”

Michael said he grew concerned when he got home, took a shower, and Nancy didn’t return.

“I went looking for her,” Michael said. “Retraced her steps until I crossed the police barricade. And that was, I knew something was wrong.”

Documents state Michael “came upon Galveston police officers conducting the death investigation…he was able to provide information to positively identify” his wife.

“[We] did a lot together, shared a lot of happy memories, and we were really looking forward to doing more as we get closer to our retirements,” Michael said.

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