Pasadena woman searches for owner of lost Purple Heart medal found in Hobby Lobby parking lot

Now, the woman is trying to find the rightful owner.

PASADENA, Texas – A Pasadena woman is trying to determine the owner of two medals she found in a parking lot on Monday.

“I know I got some important medals,” said Cynthia Maldonado.

She said one appears to be a Purple Heart. The other has “Viet-nam” written on the back.

The school bus driver said she made the discovery in the parking lot after leaving the Hobby Lobby on Fairmont Parkway.

“As I was walking down the parking lot, I noticed something on the ground,” Maldonado said. “I went to go pick it up and I saw the purple medal first. Then as I’m walking a little bit more, I found this green one turned upside down.”

She searched for a name but said there was nothing to indicate an owner.

“I know they belong to somebody and I know they’re important to them, so I’m just hoping that they reach out,” Maldonado said.

Maldonado’s daughter posted a photo on Facebook in hopes of finding the rightful owner. The daughter also called the store but the woman who answered said no one had asked about the medals.