Lights out, Texas! This is why you should turn off your lights at night for the next 2 weeks

Migratory birds stock image
Migratory birds stock image (

HOUSTON – Turning off your lights at night not only helps you save energy, but also helps migrating birds.

A statewide initiative with Texan by Nature, a nonprofit led by former first lady Laura Bush, and Houston Audubon are urging Texans to turn off their lights or reduce light usage to help migrating birds travel north, according to a news release.

Texans are being urged to turn off lights between 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. April 19 through May 7, which is the peak migration period for birds flying through Texas.

In a news release from Houston Audubon, the organization said some migratory birds fly at night, with 1 out of every 4 birds killed due to light attraction and collisions with buildings and structures.

Mayor Sylvester Turner proclaimed April 19 through May 7 as “Lights Out Houston” nights as a way to encourage Houstonians, business owners and building managers to turn off their lights, according to Houston Audubon.

The full bird migration period begins on March 15 and winds down on June 15.

To learn more about the effort to save migratory birds, click here.

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