'I feel like crying’: Houstonians flood veteran who felt forgotten with messages of love, gratitude

HOUSTON – Early Thursday morning, KPRC 2 introduced a 95-year-old WWII Veteran, Joe Rodriguez and his story.

Rodriguez said he felt forgotten. He served our country over 70 years ago and felt like no one remembered or care about his service.

KPRC 2 Vincent Crivelli gave out Rodriguez’s phone number during an early morning broadcast in hopes that viewers could prove him wrong and responded in a big way. Rodriguez’s phone has been ringing off the hook non-stop.

One of those calls was from viewer Ashley Zarr.

“(I called) just to tell him ‘thank you’ and that his voice is heard and that he’s appreciated,” Zarr said. “to hear his voice live, it was very heartwarming.”

Rodriguez said the calls were very special and emotional for him.

“It’s something that I was not expecting at all...” Rodriguez said. “I feel like crying sometimes, but crying because of joy.”

I asked Rodriguez, “You told me a few days ago that you thought that nobody cared, do you still feel that way?”

“No I don’t feel that way at all,” he said. “I’m finding out right now live and on TV. What more recognition could I want? (This is) better than giving me a medal, because that’s something dear to my heart.”

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