American, 5 French bulldogs stolen from family at Conroe area home, owner says

Family dogs stolen
Family dogs stolen

HOUSTON – A dog breeder from the Conroe area is searching for six of her dogs that she said were stolen last week.

Deborah Trevino left home for a trip to Houston last Tuesday night. When she returned a few hours later, she knew something was wrong.

“When we drove in, I didn’t hear my pets barking,” Trevino said.

Moments later, she noticed the pens outside the home were open and six of the dogs were gone, including an American Bulldog and five French Bulldogs.

Trevino is a dog breeder and knows that Frenchies can sell for thousands of dollars. While she’s in the business, she said the dogs are also part of her family.

“It’s like somebody came and stole something that was a part of me and I can’t find it,” Trevino said. “I don’t where it’s at. I don’t know where to look.”

On her property, she found tire marks, footprints and broken plants. She said someone would have to know exactly where to look.

“My heart tells me that it’s somebody that knew what I had and wanted it,” Trevino said.