Humble Independent School District: What you need to know so far about the district’s 2020-2021 school year

Humble ISD students will have flexible options this year as schools implement several instructional options.

Humble ISD is continuing to figure out how to start the school year with safety in mind.

“We’re really working hard to make the modifications to make sure we can offer a safe place for healthy individuals,” said Humble ISD Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Fagen.

The school district is offering parents three options, including learning at school, learning at home and another allowing children to get involved.

”Then we offer a third option where students do online learning, but they participate in their UIL activities, including athletics and fine arts on campus,” said Fagen.

For Humble ISD, Dr. Fagen said it’s important to work together with teachers, staff and families.”When you feel like it’s the right time we want those students back on campus, we believe Humble ISD schools are the very best for children,” said Fagen.

Online learning remains an option for all students based on parent choice throughout 2020-2021.

Start date

Aug. 11: All students begin the year online.

Aug. 17: In-person classes resume for self-contained special education students whose parents chose on campus.

Aug. 24: In-person classes resume for elementary students whose parents chose on-campus learning. In-person classes resume on A/B schedule for middle and high school students whose parents chose on campus.

Oct. 12: Middle schools move from A/B schedule to regular schedule. High schools continue on A/B schedule.

List of measures taking place:

  • Flexible learning alternatives: Students have several options to attend school this year, which includes the choice of online and on-campus learning. Reservations will be made to those choosing to attend campus in person.
  • Class size limits: Students in middle and high school will attend on an A/B block schedule on-campus.
  • Partitioning: Plexiglass shields have been added in school offices.
  • Sanitization: Humble ISD formed a custodial group dedicated to doing deep cleanings and sanitize school buildings. There will also be education on frequent hand-washing.
  • Social distancing: Middle and high school students will have a different experience in between classes and during lunch.
  • Masks/PPE: Humble ISD will follow Gov. Abbott’s mask mandate that is in place including requirements for masks and/or face shields. If there is no requirement, families will decide what is best for them. All staff and students are welcome to wear as much Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including masks, gloves, face shields or scrubs, as they choose. The Governor’s current mask order exempts children younger than 10. If a child has a medical issue that makes it impossible for them to wear a mask, they will work with the building nurse.
  • Temperature checks: All students and staff are required to be screened at home prior to arrival to campus. Nurses will keep a close eye on students who come inside the office with fever and flu-like symptoms.

Parents can find the safety measures on the district’s website at

Measures not in place

None. All measures are in place.

Extracurricular Activities

  • Middle and high school students will be allowed the option of taking all classes online and take extracurricular classes on-campus. However, parents will be responsible for transportation.
  • Students who are interested in UIL activities will continue to be eligible for online instruction.

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